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Monday, September 17, 2012

my trip to city

Today i woke up at 600am start my trip to the city getting to the train station at 7:30am has to fight for a spot on the train, i felt like i was in a sardine can. That took about a hour from Quilmes to Constituc, then walk undergroud to the subway to get on, if you ever saw that video Japanese people pushing and shoving each other to get on the subway train, it was just like that so far only in the morning, i had people touching my butt, at-least it was women, i had hold on the lady in front of me,it was funny, the graffiti in subway was pretty nice  it was just as good as any place in the U.S. the sad thing was it took me 2 hours to get  to where i need to be  ,but it was the fast way for only $4 peso to get their and back. made it back in time to have a coffee at this wonderful place, clean ,reasonably priced, i will go there again.

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